Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Slaughter Daughter lyrics

Do It or Die
Let's burn the town, until we all fall down.
My karmas crowned the king of endless stance.
Slaughtered inside, the daughter you can't hide. Pray for your life before you pray for mine.

The way she takes a bullet always takes a bite out of her
The way she takes a bullet always takes a bite out of her
do it do it or die
do it do it or die
might be something in mind
do it do it or die
her sins will fall
the journey up and all
Why should I care? When you were never there
Keep this in mind, there is no end in sight
why am I always careful, always daring
The way she takes a bullet always takes a bite out of her
The way she takes a bullet always takes a bite out of her
do it do it or die
do it do it or die
might be something in mind
do it do it or die
Must be something in my head
do it do it or die
Must be something in mind
do it do it or die
My girls and my best friend sometimes it weakens the air

Must be something in my head
do it do it or die
do it do it or die
might be something in mind
do it do it or die
Saved By Strangers
You've got your wish tonight
Crosses to crucify
Big eyes, hot crimes
Undressed, the best of times

Commit your sister, fisted foes
Pull the trigger, let them know
Killed myself, I killed us both
and I'm happy to be there

I need it...
I need it
I need it
I need it
I need...
I need...
I need it...
Until I want it...
I want it...
I want it
I want it
I want
I want
I want it...
Until I need it...
I need it
I need it
I need it

Welcome to waste your life
My vulgar valentine
Cute crime, blonde highs
You're fucked, the best of times

Then lift your heels and drown the pose
Bend you over just to know
Gorgeous whisper, pretty ghost
I'm happy to be there

I need it...
I need it
I need it
I need it
I need...
I need...
I need it...
Until I want it...
I want it...
I want it
I want it
I want
I want
I want it...
Until I need it...
I need it
I need it
I need it

It's time to live with what you've done
It's time to live with what you've done
Saved by strangers, killed by ghosts (ghosts x2)

I need it
I need it
I need it

I hold you close to let you go
You pull the trigger, let them know
Saved by strangers, killed by ghosts
And I am happy to be there.

I need it...
I need it
I need it
I need it
I need...
I need...
I need it...
Until I want it...
I want it...
I want it
I want it
I want
I want
I want it...
I said I need it...
I need it
I need it
I need it

I need it...

Slaughter Daughter [EP]

Released    September 25, 2007
Genre    Alternative rock, punk rock, glam punk
Length    20:29
Label    How To Kill
Producer    Ian D'Sa (Tracks 1-2); Junior Sanchez (Tracks 3-4)
Track listing

All songs written by Care Failure, except "Upside Down Cross" by Care Failure and Michael T. Fox.
  1. "Do It or Die" – 3:36
  2. "Saved By Strangers" – 3:24
  3. "Upside Down Cross" – 3:55
  4. "Lonely of a Woman" – 3:40
  5. "Open Season - Raw Bootleg" – 5:57

Die Mannequin
  • Care Failure – lead vocals, guitar
  • Anthony "Useless" Bleed – bass
  • Pat M. – drums, percussion
Technical staff and artwork
  • Tracks 1&2 Produced by Ian D'Sa
  • Tracks 3&4 Produced by Junior Sanchez.
  • Tracks 1&2 Recorded by Eric Ratz & Kenny Luong
  • Tracks 3&4 Recorded by Ray Martin assisted by Jeff Pelletier
  • All tracks mixed by Eric Ratz
  • Mastered by Noah Mintz
  • Art by Care Failure / Marc P.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Turning Friends To Frien-amies........

The Slaughter Remains The Same... And In The Heart Of Cruelty We Are Painting On the Massacre One Turquois Leg At A Time......

Turning Friends To Enemies.

One Posion HandShake At A Time.
Sadistic And Surly. Shit For Brains Committed To The Cool.

Watching Yr Dead End Friend ... To The Bends.......

die mannequin is getting ready For Germany.. CountDown Has Begun... A week Or So Away....... My German Still Sucks... My GrandFather Taught Me SomeThing. But It Has All Ready Flown Through Empty Ears Of Sorts..

The Sum 41 Finger Eleven Tour Starts Early October.,.. And Stretches Into Early November. All ThroughOut Canada We Be Staggering..... Eastern And Westerlyyyyyy.....

The Americas Will Be My Winter Date... After Canada And i Go To The Prom...

Save Me A Dance.?........

- care f..
die mannequin anti-fame.....

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Michaela’s blog..... Coming home after the best month of the year.

Aug 1st

So, we’ve made it back to Toronto. Whimper. Tear.

We got to Toronto early Thursday morning and it was probably the hottest day of the summer too. The band got to rest up a bit and then played Sport Pig on Captain Johns boat. Care wasn’t feeling well but she never showed a sign of feeling like death.

The next day Care, Tony and I went to watch From First To Last play Wakestock. It was also our last day with those guys for who knows how long. That’s the worst part of tour, you make friends fast but then who knows when you’ll see them again. After wakestock we went to the Opera House to see the “secret” Deftones show with attack in black, protest the hero and alexisonfire. The Deftones didn’t play their full set but they did one hell of a job! Afterwards we celebrated Abe’s birthday and our last night to really party with those guys.

On Saturday we were up in the early hours of the morning to make the boat over to wakestock. It was a long, hot day but lots of fun. The band played a great set (as usual). Then they has a twister/spin the bottle/cd giveaway party at the Underground Operations tent. Nobody got naked or made out so it was a bit disappointed but fun none the less. After that the band signed autographs at the merch area and sold lots of cds. Everyone spent the rest of the day relaxing and then watched the Deftones for the last time. (For now).

On our way back to the island we had a miniature tittle wave come over the front of the boat (my side) and it was super fun and a great way to end the weekend. Luckily nothing got damaged but I wish I had a camera to recapture everyone reaction.

Now that the tour is over, I look back and wish I could start it all over again. Thanks to all the bands, crew and fans. Die Mannequin will back VERY soon!

Some cool things:

Sunday, July 29, 2007

June 29th 2007

Hello everybody,

Michaela here. I'll be giving you all a good look into the world of Die Mannequin with photos, videos and stories from the road. So you better be paying close attention.

We are currently on the road with Vancouver's Pride Tiger. We absolutely adore those guys and it's awesome to see them play every night.

On the first leg of the tour we visited the towns of Windsor, Guelph, London, Ottawa, St.Catherines and Oshawa. .

We took part in this years NXNE in Toronto where we opened for the always entertaining White Cowbell Oklahoma. It was a great show and lots of old and new faces came out for it. (Theres lots of cool pics up in the pic section)

After the show in Guelph, Care made it to the pre-MMVA party "Rockstar Hotel". The party took over the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto and was filled with lots of free swag, booze and "rockstars".

The following night Care went to the Much Music Video Awards to do her thang. Meanwhile Pat and I were having our own fun with the other rejects at the blink party. I have a good story about a bottle of hypnotiq, security guards and running but I think I'll wait for another time to tell you about that.

After the pre-parties were done we all met up at the after parties. Now, after parties can be really pretentious and boring, not to mention that the woman's washroom reminded me of a scene from a softcore porn movie. However we saw old friends like Magneta Lane and Billy Talent which was cool. We also did a little photo shoot on the red carpet.

Besides all that and seeing the occasional industry schmuck getting groovy on the dance floor that's all I can report from the evening

So, right now we are finishing up the second and last leg of the Pride Tiger tour. We will be in Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto this week. We are also taking part in Woodstock en beauce which will be really cool and messy I'm sure.

Next week we will be leaving for West Coast Canada to do a show in Kelowna, BC and kick off a cross-Canada tour with the Deftones. We are very excited for this next venture and the band has been getting ready with new songs, merch and other surprises.

Till next time,

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Michaela's report on stolen goods and delirious drives

July 24th

Hello people,

Quick update of what we have been up too.

The Saskatoon show was cancelled last minute so we ended up in Calgary for an extra, extra day. We got our party on, on our last night there at some local bars with Chino and our lovely friend Eveie (Deftones tour mama). We danced till the early hours of the morning and the next day we made our way to Regina.

In Winnipeg between the hours of 3am-9am our van was broken into and a few of our things were stolen such as ipods and tony’s bass. It left us with a real feeling of violation and anger. But we did what we needed to do and made our way to Thunder Bay for a late night show.

We are now in Montreal, again.

The first show was last night and in my opinion the best show of the tour. I’m from Montreal and I never saw a crowd react to a band they’ve never seen before so positively. Lots of faces in shock!

Tonight is the second and last show here. Our last show with From First To Last. Tomorrow the band plays Sport Pig in Toronto. Chino will be DJ’ing as well as many others. Then on Saturday the band plays Wakestock. Hopefully we will see many of you at these shows.

I'm out,


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Michaela's Chopped Chicken Liver Recipies and road report

July 15th

Hey everyone,

We made it across the country! It was a long long drive but not as horrible as we expected. We saw lots of animals (pics to come!). And I gotta say that Canada is so beautiful it was hard to complain about anything.

Immediately after the show in Vancouver on Thursday the band jumped a flight to Toronto to play the big Billy Talent/Alexisonfire show at the ampatheatre. They were in the city for less then 24 hours but pulled off a great set and made it to Edmonton in one piece.

Im now sitting at the Univisity Of Calgary venue listening to the Deftones in the backround.. Weve done about 5 shows with the Deftones and From First To last and everything is going great. From First To Last Dudes are fun guys who weve gotten to know well. We went to see Transformers the other night and it was a real bonding experience. I cant say too much about the movie though.

The Deftones band and crew have treated us extremely well and from day 1 they have been watching from the side of the stage and giving the band the up most respect. If the band could continue on this tour for the next 2 years they definitely would.

This being the first time the band has toured out west we weren't sure what to expect. But the reception has been awesome and we will be making our way out west very very soon again.

We have the day off tomorrow and then off to Saskatoon! Lots of pictures of videos to come.

Peace out

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July 4th, 2007

Hey kids,

Today we are leaving for the west coast of Canadaland to play our last show with Pride Tiger in Kelowna, BC and then kick off the cross Canada tour with Deftones and From First To Last. I'm STOCKED as well is everyone in the Die Mannequin family.

A quick re-cap of what went down last week.

We made our way to Quebec City where we were greeted with a glorious storm, nasty security guards and HUGE hills that leave your gas tank empty. But I gotta say for every bitchy security guard there are 3 extremely awesome people to make up for it. Such as the folks who let us crash at their place on their last night before moving out. And for every steep hill there is a beautiful view when you get to the top. Quebec City is a truly beautiful city.

The next day we made our way to Woodstock en Beaue. It was a really great show and a cool scene to see. Tons of people rocking out, drinking beer, camping and having fun. Some of us wanted to stay all day but we had to get back to Montreal.

We got to spend a good amount of time in Montreal and it was probably one of the busiest days we've had on tour so far. We started off Friday morning getting new gear for the band. It was really exciting for them and watching their reactions as they saw their new stuff was sweet to see.( If you thought they sounded good before wait until you hear them with the new stuff.) We then went to CKLO to do a short studio session for the Concordia radio station. The show was at foufs which is a venue for music, dancing and drinking. Always a good time at foufs!

The show in Toronto was amazing. Tony, Care and Pat were so on that night that it brought tears to some of our eyes. It was so cool to see the band play Lees Palace and get such a great reaction.

We then got a few days off to rest and charge our batteries for the upcoming tour. Check out the tour dates and we hope to see you on the road. Don't forget we got new merch so come visit me at the merch area and check it out.


Monday, June 25, 2007

i Am Not Sorry For The Mess i Made This Month

we finished the Ontario Tour With PRIDE TIGER.,... In Anthony U..'s.... hometown, Guelph.,.. Ont.., to go Straight From The Van.,.. To The Rockstar Hotel Party Saturdsay Night.....

The First Week Of July, We Will Finish Our Tour With Pride Tiger..,.... :((

And Start Our JUly Tour With The Deftones.. :)))..


So Stand By For More Information............. Sorry About The Constant Addition And Changes In Dates......

We Are Also Playing Around Mid- July With BILLY TALENT.,.. ALEXISONFIRE, ATTACK IN BLACK, and THE CANCER BATS... At The Molson Ampitheatre In Toronto. The Next Toronto Show, However.,.. Is June 30TH.,.. At Lee's Palace With Pride Tiger..

Congradulations To Billy Talent For Winning A Cluster Fuck Of Awards Sunday Night At The MMVA's. (Much Music Video Awards..).... I was there Sunday night, and it is just rooms beaming to the brims of bands, and all their Coat Tails..... As me And My Friends Like To Call Them......

Thank You To Everyone Who Keep Coming Out To All Of Our Shows.,.. And Taking Pictures.,.. And Commenting, Writing To us. You Remind me Why i Do What i Do.,.. And That People Are In Fact Listening. i Will Feed You New Music In A Minute..!..........

And Dear Ontarion..,..

i Am Not Sorry For The Mess i Made This Month.

Love Never..,..

- care f.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

fino+bleed.ALSO, die mannequin play TOMORROW. also also... NEW SONGS, COMING SOON.

i'm fino.

good afternoon, evening fuck to you..

die mannequin is back from our shows with the all american rejects in the states.

we got right back at it yesterday after a fourteen hour drive with no sleep to start pre-production with junior sanchez. a fine souul indeed. i am really pleased with both ian d'sa and junior's work with helping me focus these songs that will be on this upcoming ep. and it is up coming indeed........

before july, you will be able to hear/buy/destroy/steal/sell this puppy.............!..

just in time for when we (possibly.).. go back to slaughter canada again in july.

so june with attack in black and pride tiger. and possibly july as well..........

the states we will visit here and there between now and a bit of august. but for the end of august, we will travel accross the ocean (me for my first time..) and go on a massacre in europe............ and after that more states and possible canadian shows too.



may 8th, 8pm.,... die mannequin play the Evil Dead after party for Evil Dead of course. it will be at the new Healey's.........

i heard this shit is pretty fucking hillarious.. but i will let you all know how it was with my own review....





- care failure.

die mannequin....

Saturday, May 5, 2007

hot crimes.

slow saturday morning fuck to you.!!...........

since we got back from the states, we have been in the studio all last week working on the first two songs for our new ep.. these two songs were being recorded and produced by ian d'sa (guitarist, billy talent.). perhaps we will do more with him, as well as some other "top secret extra special very private producer" that will remain nameless for the time being........

we leave in a couple days for the states again to play in buffalo and maryland the 3rd and 4th with the all american rejects.. when we come back we'll probably hit the studio immediately to finish the two songs already started, and to start the rest of the songs for the record.. what does this all mean.??... new songs, a new ep in june/july.

and just in time to tour it accross canada. it's funny how that magically works out, isn't it.??.......... die mannequin will rear it's ugly revolting rock head to a city near the pretties in june with attack in black and pride tiger. and don't be surprised if you see us again in july with another top secret very private group... all these secrets to dissiappoint........!!.........

after that, we will go to europe in august now instead of leaving in september. i've never been accross the ocean so i can't wait to start the slaughter internationally. mannequin massacre commence..

also in june, our next toronto show.

the line up:

billy talent., alexisonfire, the cancer bats, attack in black, and die mannequin.
at: the molson ampitheatre, june, '07..

a couple things made me upset last week, besides the usualy things, like that rapping, french candian chick dancing around like a fucking idiot. (you know who i'm talking about...)..... you have the freedom girl, and the control. fuck 'em up. don't be such a friggin' marrionnette. anyways,

dear dude that sits on my porch and throws me gifts through my window,

and leather jackets don't fit, andthat dub cd you threw in doesn't play. stop waking me up at 6:45am on hangover saturday.!!!!!!!!!!!!. the fucking collections agencey has become my alarm clock at eight thirty in the morning now anyways, so i really don't need yr ass waking me up anymore.

also, in sad- dder news, our dog mylo is getting a little older, and he was chilling outside dm's apartment last week when we were in the studio.. he wandered a bit. he was lost for three days. i was going mad, it's a horrible experience losing yr big hairy smelly child. but he is back now, and just in time for my barfday.

i have been trying to ignore it, but it is becoming futile. i love everyone elses's barfday, i believe they are the only "holidays" worth celebrating.. but not when it is mine. how depressing. i am an old cranky crusty-ass woman come april thirtieth.............

hot crimes everyone.

heavey breathing right back at you..!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............

- care f.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How To Get die mannequin To Play In Yr City, Or Backyard..

the rumours are true, if you demand it, we will come.

here's how.. just ask us. if there are enough requests, we will come to yr city my pretty, and play for yr asses for pennies.

besides clicking on the link to process yr need to see die mannequin live, there are other things you could do to speed up the process of getting the band to you.

when fans ask me when we're coming to their town, or how they could get us to come and play in they're city, there are some ideas that can always help solidify a show. if you know a good venue, ( it could be a club, or a house party... whatever the fuck......) or if you know a good band or local band that draws, that helps too. and it is always good to have enough pennies for gas to get us to yr city, and pennies to pay whatever sound or techs we have on the road with us.... if you have some of these ideas and options, you can always e-mail me at anytime. howtokill@hotmail.com .

but now all you have to do is follow the link for die mannequin to make noise and destroy in a city near you.


crotch garb..,..

- care failure....

Monday, April 2, 2007

back for the slaughtering in nyc – tonight (Monday 4/2).

we made noise last Thursday at piano’s in nyc, and I guess it didn’t suck that badly since there was a great turnout and excitement from fans for more of the slaughter.
So the band will begin the massacre one more time tonight.!……… so back to turn enemies to friends and friends to enemies once more again tonight at pianos, die mannequin will hit the stage around 11. and if you already did see them and want to re-live the experience, this is yr chance punk rock boys and fuck rock girls.

watch to see what yr lazy ass is missing.

Friday, March 23, 2007

FREE die mannequin SHOW TOMORROW..!!!1

free show tomorrow, March 24th,
at Amp'd Studio Sessions
355 King street west.
all ages.
we play in the afternoon, 3pm so that we can play in brampton later that night..

** to get yr free ticket, click here and print out as many as you fucking want.

so easy a slutt would do it.

.r.i.p... - care failure.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

love from above.

enough of this death shit.
the invasion has begun. turning friends to enemies. raising tit for ass.
getting ready for texas. try not to scream for sxsw.
after, we stagger southernbound to new york, phili, and othas.
watch yr p's n q's while we're away.

thanks for everyone who braved the battle for cmw at the horseshoe. my ears would be bleeding too if i wasn't deaf already.
like a drunk slutt, there's more to be revealved.
- careful f.

Friday, March 2, 2007

DEAR NXNE, WE HAVE YR GUITAR....!!!. **also..****..we're back from texasss, sxsw..............

yes it is true nxne, we are holding yr guitar for ransom.!!!. if you don't get yr shit together and put us at lees next year with (enter big canadian band at the time here......), then you can bet yr pretty little strings that yr precious guitar with (possible sloan authographs or some shit...)... gets it.!!!!..........
(go to our latest picture to see.).
(evil laughter.)....................
die mannequin just got back from texas yesterday-ish. we went to austin for sxsw, nxne's evil, rich and beautiful twin.
unfortunately i had to kill myself four times while in texas for not being allowed in bars for i am under 21. we thought it would be .o.k.. with the passes wristbands, and guitar-in-hand's involved. but it really wasn't. i could barely play my own shows.
the first time i killed myself was when we were driving from the houston airport to austin to check in. i got a call from friends saying that blonde redhead was playing around 4:30 for free. we got there at five and i killed myself.
fast forward a day or two to saturday. we played at the molotav lounge with bands such as the golden dogs, and winter sleep. after we were done i heard word of turbonegro playing a short walk away at emos.
i pulled the trigger again.
i have seen turbonegro before and all, but that was exactly why i was so pissed for missing another one of my ultimately favourite bands. and favourite living bands at that. not even dead yet, .o.d.'d, or still making bad music dead bands.

in my head i live in a post-apocolyptic slightly pornographic teenage wasteland, and turbonegro is my king.

five minutes after the turbonegro castastrophe, like a bad fart creeping out of yr guitar tech's sleepy asshole from the back of the van, i caught wind that the stooges were about to play. and that was the third time i killed myself, and remember the second time that day so far. this one especially hurt since i've been on a stooges kick for sometime now. and this fix cannot be fixed........

the fourth and last time i killed myself was at three in the morning when we were getting ready to catch our flight out of texas. for some reason i decided to be respnsible and check my carry on, when to my surprise i found a huge blunt.
now normally this is a very good thing. especially when yr flying and looking for weed for mr. useless in the states (cops are different here in canada kids.). but it doesn't become as cool when yr about to go through security and customs in america, and yr a dirty rock band of sorts. (hey pretty girl i met in the shitter, next time just tell me.!....)....
i killed myself... after of course.
the good the bad and the smokey.
- care failure.
die mannequin.

Friday, February 23, 2007

please read and share.... obtuse sadness in brampton......//// also, die mannequin in america..

commence world domination.

today is day one going on day two of our two week tour around the east c. of the states.

our first show is the 29th of March, this friday, in new york's lower e. side at pianos. a cool little bar.

i think it is close to sold out so make a run for the border and don't look back...


saturday we played twice. the first time in toronto for amp'd mobile. they wanted to film us playing in their studio. stay tuned this week for footage.

that night we played in pat m.'s hometown brampton.

i am sad to say there was a lot of tragedy this week for a lot of brampton kids and teens. and especially for one. from what i gathered brampton lost a very important member to their scene, and the club HYPE that we played. a young man hung himself last tuesday, leaving lot's of rumours and tears flooding the streets.

being familar with this subject in my own life, i really really truly wanted to send my love to the kids of b town. and as neil young would say, "don't let it bring you down.".,.... and burn your own living legacy, and start today. live your fire, and dont't let it fade.

thanks for everyone who came out on that sad night, it must have been really hard. feel free to use this as a forum to pay respect or help dispel any wrong rumours. i heard a lot that night, and i especially heard a lot of distressed friends really upset about the fact that the public is blaming his demise on drugs, or fucking rock music, like nirvana. this bothered me the most to hear since a similar thing happened to me..

i had a friend's suicide note recovered by the police when i was tweleve or so only to be picked apart wrongfully. this happened right around the trenchcoat mafia days. the days where marilyn and kurt were blamed constantly instead of bad parenting, or lack of information dealing with manic depression, neglact, or abuse.
in my particular case, the police assured my parents that music was the root of what to blame, and they continued to quote un-quote ban me from music entirely.

that really worked guys............

but it wasn't god damn music, it was so much more. how could anyone be that shallow and cl,ose minded to mask important issues and just go ahead and blame whatever is easiest. so fucking stupid.......

so i was hoping that any kids could come forward and reply to this blog in hopes to share and raise awareness about and concerning suicide, depression, and everything in between.

thanks guys.

- care f.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

cookies by candlelight.

a common question or comment i get during an interview, is that i have been open with my past, especially concerning narcotics in my life. when really, it's been that the journalist or person asking the questions really enjoy to focus on that one aspect of my life. and really, when someone asks me a question... i'm not going to lie.
but it's getting to the point where now i'll get comments from interviewers within questions stating that i love talking openly about my past. when really it's not that i do, it's just that it's what everyone likes to focus on. people love the idea of disgruntled teenager " not knowing better" surrendering and leaving a scorched past behind for a new life of puppies, candy, rainbows and farts...
what do you really expect to hear. parents gather after a .p.t.a. meeting outside a local clinic waving bright bristol board through the air. "DRUGS ARE BAD!!!" "STAY IN SCHOOL.!." "DOWN WITH CRACK BABIES!"
meanwhile, cut to mom so fucked on a xanax lithium cocktail, she doesn't even realize that she's losing her duaghter and her best friend...
i've always been slightly vague in writing about who i am vs who i was and where i came from, but some things i believe need to be said in order for someone to understand where one is coming from. chains not needed to be broken on this one at the mercy of yr double edge sword.
like the scars on my arms, teenage chains are a reminder of who i was.."...
he said.
- care f.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Illiteracy One-Hundred Percent..

It become spiritual and calming.
a spiritual discoverer in word and in image.
(informative colour and light..)..
ages wide and far between,
all for the killing disease..
lost civilization, the lost continent, thrust into a modern world..
the european powers, when their dignity came from the outside world.

that old feeling again..

in another country..
Cameron get's money for mind control
Massive amounts of electrick shock..
Wipe out existing personality and restructure it..
119 electrick shock treatments..
wipe out my memory.
No more childhood school, marriage, having children..
1965. 88 lbs of bullshit.
... but repeatedly the bull was tamed.

Electroids. Cats monkeys, and human beings.
Electronic brain stimulations. Change sexual orientation..
100% amnesia. Very deep trance state..

imagine the smell of him as he takes that gun and shoots someone under hypnosis.
Involuntary assassination..

Sleep deprivation. .v.s..
Sir han sir han..

Hhuuunn h….yo……. .You trained profession-na-als!.

For decades.
mind control.
to human weapons.

Programmed to kill..
scrawl down to you.
"automatic writing" a result of brainwashing..

In a trance the night of the shooting..
Mirrors and lights hypnotize.
evidence of hypnosis with people for kennedy..


"lot's of cream….

- care failure.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

sexplosions. (the die mannequin show, and other written vomit........)............)........

snatch mouth.

(pours some cristal out for the following...).
- all the fan-art. you will see yr lovely work in a couple days... keep it coming don't be shy. yr valiant efforts will be rewarded for the world to see shortly. i'm really happy with all the stuff i got. for example it's amazing when you see pictures fans took at shows and compared to the pictured "hired" photographers take, because both categories obtain brilliant moments in different but equally talented and cool ways...........
and i have a challenge for someone.. to make a remix for me to post for who ever to listen to, or a cover of dm, something audiable.
- this month we tricked CHART into thinking that we're band to look out for.... good one , us.(?.)............ ha. and i'm dropping chart more cristal for a photo shoot i did for them that comes out in the march issue. imagine me talking about shit like where i got my shitty converse shoes from, and not knowing any stores besides value village that i bought my uniform (clothes.)... at.,...
... and more hilarity. it will be in the photograph section for the style page(s.)..
- i'm splilling more shit for the horseshoe for letting us make noise there in toronto, this saturday, february 10th. we're throwing our own show, with guests lye, and tin bangs. put yr danincing shoes on...
... crappy shitty ripped up converse, naturally.

- for UFTO's radio station.:.... ciut for letting me come harrass them in a couple hours, tomorrow (thursday, february 8th, around 1:15..........).....
- and last, but not least, for all you fuckers that will never understand. some cristal,
from my heart..,....

to my handx..,..........

to yr grave........

purged from the desk of care failure........

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Love from above" die mannequin's loveable reign of world domination continues

die mannequin 1 world, 0. Greetings punk rock boys and fuck rock girls.If you want to continue y r scandalous love - affair with die mannequin, you can now spoon with us at ZUNE.net and at PUREVOLUME.com where you can experience a visual orgasm and watch a video we put together with footage taken from our east coast tour with guns & roses to check this shit out , hit the links...Support y r local couch surfer. Forever and ever when ever the better it brings us together just to sever us apart.Barfed from...barfe from the desk of care failure.
Love from above
-care f
die mannequin

New Video Premiere

Sunday, January 21, 2007

you could cut the innosence in this room witha knife...(

Tiny little.
push the other woman off the bed again this aged fine wine of morning. ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Cos' I havve had this time, time and time again and the taste illuminartes in my mind into memories I tried to burn and degress for so long. When it was happening you didn't even know that at one low point to the next, you would be dreaming, hoping, twisting even in the depths of flickering dusty knife nights, to go back to that wrong-foot memory of steps backward-past. Only to remember that they were the only people so close to me.

If you've ever been hurt so fucking badly by someone, like the knives in my back that I've memorized their twist, you'd never wish this pain on me sister. But it floods in like my sixteen year old tears.. So close I could break now. So close I could break the innocence that shapes the escape. The times shatter and outshine. So close to you I could break.
- care failure..