Tuesday, February 13, 2007

cookies by candlelight.

a common question or comment i get during an interview, is that i have been open with my past, especially concerning narcotics in my life. when really, it's been that the journalist or person asking the questions really enjoy to focus on that one aspect of my life. and really, when someone asks me a question... i'm not going to lie.
but it's getting to the point where now i'll get comments from interviewers within questions stating that i love talking openly about my past. when really it's not that i do, it's just that it's what everyone likes to focus on. people love the idea of disgruntled teenager " not knowing better" surrendering and leaving a scorched past behind for a new life of puppies, candy, rainbows and farts...
what do you really expect to hear. parents gather after a .p.t.a. meeting outside a local clinic waving bright bristol board through the air. "DRUGS ARE BAD!!!" "STAY IN SCHOOL.!." "DOWN WITH CRACK BABIES!"
meanwhile, cut to mom so fucked on a xanax lithium cocktail, she doesn't even realize that she's losing her duaghter and her best friend...
i've always been slightly vague in writing about who i am vs who i was and where i came from, but some things i believe need to be said in order for someone to understand where one is coming from. chains not needed to be broken on this one at the mercy of yr double edge sword.
like the scars on my arms, teenage chains are a reminder of who i was.."...
he said.
- care f.

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