Friday, February 23, 2007

please read and share.... obtuse sadness in brampton......//// also, die mannequin in america..

commence world domination.

today is day one going on day two of our two week tour around the east c. of the states.

our first show is the 29th of March, this friday, in new york's lower e. side at pianos. a cool little bar.

i think it is close to sold out so make a run for the border and don't look back...


saturday we played twice. the first time in toronto for amp'd mobile. they wanted to film us playing in their studio. stay tuned this week for footage.

that night we played in pat m.'s hometown brampton.

i am sad to say there was a lot of tragedy this week for a lot of brampton kids and teens. and especially for one. from what i gathered brampton lost a very important member to their scene, and the club HYPE that we played. a young man hung himself last tuesday, leaving lot's of rumours and tears flooding the streets.

being familar with this subject in my own life, i really really truly wanted to send my love to the kids of b town. and as neil young would say, "don't let it bring you down.".,.... and burn your own living legacy, and start today. live your fire, and dont't let it fade.

thanks for everyone who came out on that sad night, it must have been really hard. feel free to use this as a forum to pay respect or help dispel any wrong rumours. i heard a lot that night, and i especially heard a lot of distressed friends really upset about the fact that the public is blaming his demise on drugs, or fucking rock music, like nirvana. this bothered me the most to hear since a similar thing happened to me..

i had a friend's suicide note recovered by the police when i was tweleve or so only to be picked apart wrongfully. this happened right around the trenchcoat mafia days. the days where marilyn and kurt were blamed constantly instead of bad parenting, or lack of information dealing with manic depression, neglact, or abuse.
in my particular case, the police assured my parents that music was the root of what to blame, and they continued to quote un-quote ban me from music entirely.

that really worked guys............

but it wasn't god damn music, it was so much more. how could anyone be that shallow and cl,ose minded to mask important issues and just go ahead and blame whatever is easiest. so fucking stupid.......

so i was hoping that any kids could come forward and reply to this blog in hopes to share and raise awareness about and concerning suicide, depression, and everything in between.

thanks guys.

- care f.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

cookies by candlelight.

a common question or comment i get during an interview, is that i have been open with my past, especially concerning narcotics in my life. when really, it's been that the journalist or person asking the questions really enjoy to focus on that one aspect of my life. and really, when someone asks me a question... i'm not going to lie.
but it's getting to the point where now i'll get comments from interviewers within questions stating that i love talking openly about my past. when really it's not that i do, it's just that it's what everyone likes to focus on. people love the idea of disgruntled teenager " not knowing better" surrendering and leaving a scorched past behind for a new life of puppies, candy, rainbows and farts...
what do you really expect to hear. parents gather after a .p.t.a. meeting outside a local clinic waving bright bristol board through the air. "DRUGS ARE BAD!!!" "STAY IN SCHOOL.!." "DOWN WITH CRACK BABIES!"
meanwhile, cut to mom so fucked on a xanax lithium cocktail, she doesn't even realize that she's losing her duaghter and her best friend...
i've always been slightly vague in writing about who i am vs who i was and where i came from, but some things i believe need to be said in order for someone to understand where one is coming from. chains not needed to be broken on this one at the mercy of yr double edge sword.
like the scars on my arms, teenage chains are a reminder of who i was.."...
he said.
- care f.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Illiteracy One-Hundred Percent..

It become spiritual and calming.
a spiritual discoverer in word and in image.
(informative colour and light..)..
ages wide and far between,
all for the killing disease..
lost civilization, the lost continent, thrust into a modern world..
the european powers, when their dignity came from the outside world.

that old feeling again..

in another country..
Cameron get's money for mind control
Massive amounts of electrick shock..
Wipe out existing personality and restructure it..
119 electrick shock treatments..
wipe out my memory.
No more childhood school, marriage, having children..
1965. 88 lbs of bullshit.
... but repeatedly the bull was tamed.

Electroids. Cats monkeys, and human beings.
Electronic brain stimulations. Change sexual orientation..
100% amnesia. Very deep trance state..

imagine the smell of him as he takes that gun and shoots someone under hypnosis.
Involuntary assassination..

Sleep deprivation. .v.s..
Sir han sir han..

Hhuuunn h….yo……. .You trained profession-na-als!.

For decades.
mind control.
to human weapons.

Programmed to kill..
scrawl down to you.
"automatic writing" a result of brainwashing..

In a trance the night of the shooting..
Mirrors and lights hypnotize.
evidence of hypnosis with people for kennedy..


"lot's of cream….

- care failure.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

sexplosions. (the die mannequin show, and other written vomit........)............)........

snatch mouth.

(pours some cristal out for the following...).
- all the fan-art. you will see yr lovely work in a couple days... keep it coming don't be shy. yr valiant efforts will be rewarded for the world to see shortly. i'm really happy with all the stuff i got. for example it's amazing when you see pictures fans took at shows and compared to the pictured "hired" photographers take, because both categories obtain brilliant moments in different but equally talented and cool ways...........
and i have a challenge for someone.. to make a remix for me to post for who ever to listen to, or a cover of dm, something audiable.
- this month we tricked CHART into thinking that we're band to look out for.... good one , us.(?.)............ ha. and i'm dropping chart more cristal for a photo shoot i did for them that comes out in the march issue. imagine me talking about shit like where i got my shitty converse shoes from, and not knowing any stores besides value village that i bought my uniform (clothes.)... at.,...
... and more hilarity. it will be in the photograph section for the style page(s.)..
- i'm splilling more shit for the horseshoe for letting us make noise there in toronto, this saturday, february 10th. we're throwing our own show, with guests lye, and tin bangs. put yr danincing shoes on...
... crappy shitty ripped up converse, naturally.

- for UFTO's radio station.:.... ciut for letting me come harrass them in a couple hours, tomorrow (thursday, february 8th, around 1:15..........).....
- and last, but not least, for all you fuckers that will never understand. some cristal,
from my heart..,....

to my handx..,..........

to yr grave........

purged from the desk of care failure........