Friday, February 23, 2007

please read and share.... obtuse sadness in brampton......//// also, die mannequin in america..

commence world domination.

today is day one going on day two of our two week tour around the east c. of the states.

our first show is the 29th of March, this friday, in new york's lower e. side at pianos. a cool little bar.

i think it is close to sold out so make a run for the border and don't look back...


saturday we played twice. the first time in toronto for amp'd mobile. they wanted to film us playing in their studio. stay tuned this week for footage.

that night we played in pat m.'s hometown brampton.

i am sad to say there was a lot of tragedy this week for a lot of brampton kids and teens. and especially for one. from what i gathered brampton lost a very important member to their scene, and the club HYPE that we played. a young man hung himself last tuesday, leaving lot's of rumours and tears flooding the streets.

being familar with this subject in my own life, i really really truly wanted to send my love to the kids of b town. and as neil young would say, "don't let it bring you down.".,.... and burn your own living legacy, and start today. live your fire, and dont't let it fade.

thanks for everyone who came out on that sad night, it must have been really hard. feel free to use this as a forum to pay respect or help dispel any wrong rumours. i heard a lot that night, and i especially heard a lot of distressed friends really upset about the fact that the public is blaming his demise on drugs, or fucking rock music, like nirvana. this bothered me the most to hear since a similar thing happened to me..

i had a friend's suicide note recovered by the police when i was tweleve or so only to be picked apart wrongfully. this happened right around the trenchcoat mafia days. the days where marilyn and kurt were blamed constantly instead of bad parenting, or lack of information dealing with manic depression, neglact, or abuse.
in my particular case, the police assured my parents that music was the root of what to blame, and they continued to quote un-quote ban me from music entirely.

that really worked guys............

but it wasn't god damn music, it was so much more. how could anyone be that shallow and cl,ose minded to mask important issues and just go ahead and blame whatever is easiest. so fucking stupid.......

so i was hoping that any kids could come forward and reply to this blog in hopes to share and raise awareness about and concerning suicide, depression, and everything in between.

thanks guys.

- care f.

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