Thursday, December 3, 2009

We want the happy ending

A persevering Die Mannequin muses on Marilyn Manson, exploding heads and balls in your ears

Die Mannequin's Care Failure has lived a life that could translate quite well into rock'n'roll stardom. I won't go into detail except to say that if you know her back story, or have heard tales of her troubled years, you probably get the feeling that, like many other artists, the shit years will pay dividends in the long run.

Fino + Bleed, the long-awaited first Die Mannequin full-length, could be the start of that. While Care doesn't explicitly say that it was motivated by her past, she does touch upon it.

"I had shit backing up for years and years," she admits. "Terrible shit happens to me on a daily basis. But besides that I'm not starving in Africa, and I'm white and live in North America, and my life is never going to be that bad, so I never want to be the cry-baby or anything and say my life's been really hard because when you look at it I'm really, really lucky, and really, really blessed."

Aside from some specific downs of the recent past, including getting her laptop nicked ("It was a kick in the ass that made my balls go in my ears," she says), there's plenty to suggest that she is, in fact, blessed.

Exhibit A: Die Mannequin toured with Marilyn Manson. "It was cool that the Antichrist wanted to play with Die Mannequin because [he] can tour with whoever the fuck he [wants] to tour with," Care says.

Exhibit B: Fino + Bleed kept her head together somewhat literally. "I'm just happy that the record's finally out, because I'd been stuck with the same songs for a long time, [feeling] like my head was going to explode."

A sexy, candid girl playing pop-infused sleazy rock and exorcising demons in the process? As stories go, this one's got "happy ending" written all over it.

Dave Jaffer
The Hour