Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Die Mannequin Singer Starring in 'Hard Core Logo 2'

Care Failure, singer-guitarist of Toronto punk rockers Die Mannequin, has landed her first feature film role in 'Hard Core Logo 2,' a sequel to the award-winning 1996 Canadian cult classic about music and self-destruction. Two things the rowdy Failure is something of an expert in.

"I still cannot believe it, being asked to do this. Besides it being a huge honour, it comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure," Failure tells Spinner, just before shooting starts in Saskatchewan. "But I am going to try to have fun with it. It's this new thing I am trying, you know, to make life less miserable...."

Director Bruce McDonald calls the new film a "flipside" to his original, which starred Hugh Dillon (then of Canadian rock outfit the Headstones, now a full-time actor starring in the cop show 'Flashpoint') as singer Joe Dick. It also featured cameos by Joey Ramone and Joey "S---head" Keithley of D.O.A. and a fictional guitarist named Billy Talent. And yes, the band is named after him.

McDonald says he cast Die Mannequin to play themselves in this alternate version of the tale because he wanted to capture a more feminine side of music biz. (He's also trying to get Michael Bublé for a role!) In the film, Die Mannequin is channeling the spirit of Joe Dick to write songs for a new album. In real life, Failure is enjoying writing new material for the movie outside the parameters of Die Mannequin.

"It is the best when there is no suit in your face screaming, 'Write a hit! Hit! Hit!,'" she says. "'Hit' is like the 'n-word' for a songwriter. When you are not focused on that is when you can really let go musically and focus on making a good song. And in the end, those are components that can potentially make a f---ing 'hit.' I feel s---loads of pressure being lifted off of me for some reason when I am writing for soundtrack. It actually feels nice."

Liisa Ladouceur