Friday, March 23, 2007

FREE die mannequin SHOW TOMORROW..!!!1

free show tomorrow, March 24th,
at Amp'd Studio Sessions
355 King street west.
all ages.
we play in the afternoon, 3pm so that we can play in brampton later that night..

** to get yr free ticket, click here and print out as many as you fucking want.

so easy a slutt would do it.

.r.i.p... - care failure.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

love from above.

enough of this death shit.
the invasion has begun. turning friends to enemies. raising tit for ass.
getting ready for texas. try not to scream for sxsw.
after, we stagger southernbound to new york, phili, and othas.
watch yr p's n q's while we're away.

thanks for everyone who braved the battle for cmw at the horseshoe. my ears would be bleeding too if i wasn't deaf already.
like a drunk slutt, there's more to be revealved.
- careful f.

Friday, March 2, 2007

DEAR NXNE, WE HAVE YR GUITAR....!!!. **also..****..we're back from texasss, sxsw..............

yes it is true nxne, we are holding yr guitar for ransom.!!!. if you don't get yr shit together and put us at lees next year with (enter big canadian band at the time here......), then you can bet yr pretty little strings that yr precious guitar with (possible sloan authographs or some shit...)... gets it.!!!!..........
(go to our latest picture to see.).
(evil laughter.)....................
die mannequin just got back from texas yesterday-ish. we went to austin for sxsw, nxne's evil, rich and beautiful twin.
unfortunately i had to kill myself four times while in texas for not being allowed in bars for i am under 21. we thought it would be .o.k.. with the passes wristbands, and guitar-in-hand's involved. but it really wasn't. i could barely play my own shows.
the first time i killed myself was when we were driving from the houston airport to austin to check in. i got a call from friends saying that blonde redhead was playing around 4:30 for free. we got there at five and i killed myself.
fast forward a day or two to saturday. we played at the molotav lounge with bands such as the golden dogs, and winter sleep. after we were done i heard word of turbonegro playing a short walk away at emos.
i pulled the trigger again.
i have seen turbonegro before and all, but that was exactly why i was so pissed for missing another one of my ultimately favourite bands. and favourite living bands at that. not even dead yet, .o.d.'d, or still making bad music dead bands.

in my head i live in a post-apocolyptic slightly pornographic teenage wasteland, and turbonegro is my king.

five minutes after the turbonegro castastrophe, like a bad fart creeping out of yr guitar tech's sleepy asshole from the back of the van, i caught wind that the stooges were about to play. and that was the third time i killed myself, and remember the second time that day so far. this one especially hurt since i've been on a stooges kick for sometime now. and this fix cannot be fixed........

the fourth and last time i killed myself was at three in the morning when we were getting ready to catch our flight out of texas. for some reason i decided to be respnsible and check my carry on, when to my surprise i found a huge blunt.
now normally this is a very good thing. especially when yr flying and looking for weed for mr. useless in the states (cops are different here in canada kids.). but it doesn't become as cool when yr about to go through security and customs in america, and yr a dirty rock band of sorts. (hey pretty girl i met in the shitter, next time just tell me.!....)....
i killed myself... after of course.
the good the bad and the smokey.
- care failure.
die mannequin.