Monday, February 5, 2007

Illiteracy One-Hundred Percent..

It become spiritual and calming.
a spiritual discoverer in word and in image.
(informative colour and light..)..
ages wide and far between,
all for the killing disease..
lost civilization, the lost continent, thrust into a modern world..
the european powers, when their dignity came from the outside world.

that old feeling again..

in another country..
Cameron get's money for mind control
Massive amounts of electrick shock..
Wipe out existing personality and restructure it..
119 electrick shock treatments..
wipe out my memory.
No more childhood school, marriage, having children..
1965. 88 lbs of bullshit.
... but repeatedly the bull was tamed.

Electroids. Cats monkeys, and human beings.
Electronic brain stimulations. Change sexual orientation..
100% amnesia. Very deep trance state..

imagine the smell of him as he takes that gun and shoots someone under hypnosis.
Involuntary assassination..

Sleep deprivation. .v.s..
Sir han sir han..

Hhuuunn h….yo……. .You trained profession-na-als!.

For decades.
mind control.
to human weapons.

Programmed to kill..
scrawl down to you.
"automatic writing" a result of brainwashing..

In a trance the night of the shooting..
Mirrors and lights hypnotize.
evidence of hypnosis with people for kennedy..


"lot's of cream….

- care failure.

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