Sunday, July 29, 2007

June 29th 2007

Hello everybody,

Michaela here. I'll be giving you all a good look into the world of Die Mannequin with photos, videos and stories from the road. So you better be paying close attention.

We are currently on the road with Vancouver's Pride Tiger. We absolutely adore those guys and it's awesome to see them play every night.

On the first leg of the tour we visited the towns of Windsor, Guelph, London, Ottawa, St.Catherines and Oshawa. .

We took part in this years NXNE in Toronto where we opened for the always entertaining White Cowbell Oklahoma. It was a great show and lots of old and new faces came out for it. (Theres lots of cool pics up in the pic section)

After the show in Guelph, Care made it to the pre-MMVA party "Rockstar Hotel". The party took over the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto and was filled with lots of free swag, booze and "rockstars".

The following night Care went to the Much Music Video Awards to do her thang. Meanwhile Pat and I were having our own fun with the other rejects at the blink party. I have a good story about a bottle of hypnotiq, security guards and running but I think I'll wait for another time to tell you about that.

After the pre-parties were done we all met up at the after parties. Now, after parties can be really pretentious and boring, not to mention that the woman's washroom reminded me of a scene from a softcore porn movie. However we saw old friends like Magneta Lane and Billy Talent which was cool. We also did a little photo shoot on the red carpet.

Besides all that and seeing the occasional industry schmuck getting groovy on the dance floor that's all I can report from the evening

So, right now we are finishing up the second and last leg of the Pride Tiger tour. We will be in Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto this week. We are also taking part in Woodstock en beauce which will be really cool and messy I'm sure.

Next week we will be leaving for West Coast Canada to do a show in Kelowna, BC and kick off a cross-Canada tour with the Deftones. We are very excited for this next venture and the band has been getting ready with new songs, merch and other surprises.

Till next time,

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