Sunday, July 15, 2007

Michaela's Chopped Chicken Liver Recipies and road report

July 15th

Hey everyone,

We made it across the country! It was a long long drive but not as horrible as we expected. We saw lots of animals (pics to come!). And I gotta say that Canada is so beautiful it was hard to complain about anything.

Immediately after the show in Vancouver on Thursday the band jumped a flight to Toronto to play the big Billy Talent/Alexisonfire show at the ampatheatre. They were in the city for less then 24 hours but pulled off a great set and made it to Edmonton in one piece.

Im now sitting at the Univisity Of Calgary venue listening to the Deftones in the backround.. Weve done about 5 shows with the Deftones and From First To last and everything is going great. From First To Last Dudes are fun guys who weve gotten to know well. We went to see Transformers the other night and it was a real bonding experience. I cant say too much about the movie though.

The Deftones band and crew have treated us extremely well and from day 1 they have been watching from the side of the stage and giving the band the up most respect. If the band could continue on this tour for the next 2 years they definitely would.

This being the first time the band has toured out west we weren't sure what to expect. But the reception has been awesome and we will be making our way out west very very soon again.

We have the day off tomorrow and then off to Saskatoon! Lots of pictures of videos to come.

Peace out

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