Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Michaela's report on stolen goods and delirious drives

July 24th

Hello people,

Quick update of what we have been up too.

The Saskatoon show was cancelled last minute so we ended up in Calgary for an extra, extra day. We got our party on, on our last night there at some local bars with Chino and our lovely friend Eveie (Deftones tour mama). We danced till the early hours of the morning and the next day we made our way to Regina.

In Winnipeg between the hours of 3am-9am our van was broken into and a few of our things were stolen such as ipods and tony’s bass. It left us with a real feeling of violation and anger. But we did what we needed to do and made our way to Thunder Bay for a late night show.

We are now in Montreal, again.

The first show was last night and in my opinion the best show of the tour. I’m from Montreal and I never saw a crowd react to a band they’ve never seen before so positively. Lots of faces in shock!

Tonight is the second and last show here. Our last show with From First To Last. Tomorrow the band plays Sport Pig in Toronto. Chino will be DJ’ing as well as many others. Then on Saturday the band plays Wakestock. Hopefully we will see many of you at these shows.

I'm out,


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