Saturday, May 5, 2007

hot crimes.

slow saturday morning fuck to you.!!...........

since we got back from the states, we have been in the studio all last week working on the first two songs for our new ep.. these two songs were being recorded and produced by ian d'sa (guitarist, billy talent.). perhaps we will do more with him, as well as some other "top secret extra special very private producer" that will remain nameless for the time being........

we leave in a couple days for the states again to play in buffalo and maryland the 3rd and 4th with the all american rejects.. when we come back we'll probably hit the studio immediately to finish the two songs already started, and to start the rest of the songs for the record.. what does this all mean.??... new songs, a new ep in june/july.

and just in time to tour it accross canada. it's funny how that magically works out, isn't it.??.......... die mannequin will rear it's ugly revolting rock head to a city near the pretties in june with attack in black and pride tiger. and don't be surprised if you see us again in july with another top secret very private group... all these secrets to dissiappoint........!!.........

after that, we will go to europe in august now instead of leaving in september. i've never been accross the ocean so i can't wait to start the slaughter internationally. mannequin massacre commence..

also in june, our next toronto show.

the line up:

billy talent., alexisonfire, the cancer bats, attack in black, and die mannequin.
at: the molson ampitheatre, june, '07..

a couple things made me upset last week, besides the usualy things, like that rapping, french candian chick dancing around like a fucking idiot. (you know who i'm talking about...)..... you have the freedom girl, and the control. fuck 'em up. don't be such a friggin' marrionnette. anyways,

dear dude that sits on my porch and throws me gifts through my window,

and leather jackets don't fit, andthat dub cd you threw in doesn't play. stop waking me up at 6:45am on hangover saturday.!!!!!!!!!!!!. the fucking collections agencey has become my alarm clock at eight thirty in the morning now anyways, so i really don't need yr ass waking me up anymore.

also, in sad- dder news, our dog mylo is getting a little older, and he was chilling outside dm's apartment last week when we were in the studio.. he wandered a bit. he was lost for three days. i was going mad, it's a horrible experience losing yr big hairy smelly child. but he is back now, and just in time for my barfday.

i have been trying to ignore it, but it is becoming futile. i love everyone elses's barfday, i believe they are the only "holidays" worth celebrating.. but not when it is mine. how depressing. i am an old cranky crusty-ass woman come april thirtieth.............

hot crimes everyone.

heavey breathing right back at you..!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............

- care f.

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