Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How To Get die mannequin To Play In Yr City, Or Backyard..

the rumours are true, if you demand it, we will come.

here's how.. just ask us. if there are enough requests, we will come to yr city my pretty, and play for yr asses for pennies.

besides clicking on the link to process yr need to see die mannequin live, there are other things you could do to speed up the process of getting the band to you.

when fans ask me when we're coming to their town, or how they could get us to come and play in they're city, there are some ideas that can always help solidify a show. if you know a good venue, ( it could be a club, or a house party... whatever the fuck......) or if you know a good band or local band that draws, that helps too. and it is always good to have enough pennies for gas to get us to yr city, and pennies to pay whatever sound or techs we have on the road with us.... if you have some of these ideas and options, you can always e-mail me at anytime. howtokill@hotmail.com .

but now all you have to do is follow the link for die mannequin to make noise and destroy in a city near you.


crotch garb..,..

- care failure....

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