Friday, November 3, 2006

die mannequin touring with G n R. STAGGERING EASTERN BOUND.

.staggering eastern bound...

... today is another date with road and i. quebec and i are spooning tonight, after i dated ottawa and toronto within the last 4 days or something. i think i'm going to ask Halifax to the prom. st. John.,............. marriage.?.. lest i not jump ahead of myself. cough 2.5 kids and .5 cat and dog.cough.cough...........

thanks to some inspiring fans we've me on the way who've said some of the nicest things. tiffie, randy, tyler, rebecca, and it goes on and on. people say the nicest things.

and the funniest. someone was pissed because my dangerous fingers did not receite the dorian, or mixo lydian scale five thousand times every song.... i'm so bad it's amazing where i end up starting trouble some times.

one flight up, two loads in and out. t shirts counted and re-counted. on stage i'm in danger to myself and others.

come out sloppy dilema.

- care failure.

die mannequin.

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