Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Interview with Bestfan

Care Failure recently spoke with Bestfan about her Juno nominations, who influences her and the music she constantly plays on her iPod. Check out our exclusive interview, below.

(BESTFAN): Congratulations on your 2 Juno nominations! How does it feel to know you are getting recognition for your hard work?

(CARE): Its kind of silly. The whole ceremony and the “what are you wearing” and all that kind of stuff (laughs). [To me] its not that interesting but it’s nice and looks really cool on paper and apparently parents give a f*** about it, that’s what I’ve noticed. Like you said, it’s cool to get the recognized for our hard work.

(BESTFAN): Is there anything you’re looking forward to while attending this year’s awards show?

(CARE): (Laughs) Yea, I mean it’s nice to go out and have a good time. No real band stuff, no loading in. It’s all just a bit of a break; maybe get a free drink or something. I’m singing a song with The Beauties the night before the awards. There will be a whole bunch of musicians singing different songs to celebrate the Junos 40th anniversary. I get to do a Neil Young song which is really rad. Singing that is probably the best part about it.

(BESTFAN): Tell us some of the biggest differences in when you are on stage with your band versus a night of Deejaying.

(CARE): I get really bored of my own music really quickly and it’s nice to play someone else’s for a change. In a way it’s a little bit about pleasing the crowd but your also trying to educate too and play new stuff. But it’s not like I’m f***ing spinning records, I don’t have any talent or anything. This is the computer age unfortunately and for bar deejaying nobody cares if you have a deck or not, so it’s kind of sh*tty and really cheap. Overall, they are equally fun. I love being in the studio and I love to be on stage but it’s a whole different vibe when I’m deejaying.

(BESTFAN): Who were your biggest influences (musically or not) while growing into the rocker you are today.

(CARE): Growing up I got into Sonic Youth really badly. I remember when I was like 11, I was really hot for them and they came through Toronto that year to do a show and I couldn’t go because I was too young but I was really into them. I really loved Beck, I got into him when I was like 8 and yea I was obsessed with him for a while. Anyone who is a little bit strange.

(BESTFAN): What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

(CARE): Well there are always cute “Marry Me” signs and things like that. I got some really cool art a couple weeks ago a fan brought to some deejay night I was doing and they are these really cool portraits on canvas. The funniest thing I got was this little Kurt Kobain doll, it’s from his MTV unplugged so he’s sitting on this little chair and there’s a detailed little sweater. That was probably the funniest thing I’ve got from a fan.

(BESTFAN): Tell us about your label “How to Kill”. Are you guys working with any artists through that label?

(CARE): Unfortunately, I had a horrible manager and I had to escape him. Now that I’m not dealing with him any more I’m fighting to the get the rights for my label back. The label hasn’t been doing anything for the last little while and won’t be for the next couple months. It was something I was suppose to own and right from the beginning his party didn’t do the job they had to do, and I’m not bad talking anyone I’m just being honest. The thing that really sucks is that I’ve been wanting to explain to people what’s going on with the band and the different things that are happening with us but I’m walking a really thin line between being completely honest and saying what’s going on for real, with our camp and our team. There have been lots of changes in the last four months, and I know I sound like a bitter ex-girlfriend so I need to try and find a balance. We do already have people working for us that are a “kagillion” times better and actually ask me what I want and what I want to do. It’s great because I’ve never had anyone ask me that before. We’re having a press conference sometime next week, we have some good news and we have some really s**tty news too.

(BESTFAN): When can fans look forward to hearing new music from Die Mannequin?

(CARE): I’ve been in the studio for the last couple months off and on, only off because we have to fit it in between shows. We’ll be playing some new songs at our show at the horseshoe (CMW 2011) but to actually buy and listen to new stuff, well, I’d like to have everything done in the spring. I’d like to do something where I would release three songs together in groups, every month or couple weeks, but new music really ‘effin soon. There will be a lot of new stuff coming out in the next month or two.

(BESTFAN): Describe your songwriting process in the studio. Is it a collaborative effort of does everyone in the band have certain way of approaching the creative process?

(CARE): For all the stuff that’s come out so far it’s always just been me and a bedroom. Just going crazy and writing songs like a maniac. A lot of my old songs were written when I was 16-17 now I’m older, I’m a grandma I have other things now that make me wet musically.

I love working with people too but the collaborative writing process is a whole other thing. Usually I end up writing the whole song, it’s kind of a scam because you have to give away 50% to someone in the room that didn’t write anything. It’s been weird. I was also never really given any time to write with other people. I mean, they sent me around the writer’s circle. Went around all through the States, and through Canada too. All the singles that we’ve released I’ve written myself. It’s important that I have my own time where I write by myself, there is a lot of pre production as well. I’ll even go in the studio and force myself to finish songs other wise I wouldn’t be able to. Then there’s Tony, he is my bass player and a writer too and we’ve been together for 7 and a bit years and he writes songs but we’ve only ever written a couple songs together. I try to make time for people that I like, a couple friends of mine and some are random. Now that I don’t have that big bad wolf and the label breathing down my neck, I’m able to do things that I want to do instead of writing with the usual writers.

(BESTFAN): Would you rather pack a small venue or fill a stadium to half capacity?

(CARE): Pack a small venue! It takes a lot to run around in a stadium. I mean, I don’t mind it but a small venue is more intimate and more fun. There is definitely something to be said about playing arenas but I like small venues.

Bestfan Quick Q’s

Favourite Movie?
Serial Mom

Favourite City you’ve played in?
Hanover and Stuttgart, Germany

Favourite televison show as a child?

Name 3 songs in heavy rotation on your iPod?
1) Al Green – “Can I Get Next To You”
2) Michael Jackson – usually “Beat It” or “Billy Jean”
3) Drive Like Jehu…awesome band!

-End of Interview-
The band will playing a live show with The Birthday Massacre at Toronto’s hot spot, The Opera House on March 25th for the JunoFest and they’ll be at the 40th Juno Awards, also held in Toronto on March 27th. They are definitely a band you want to look out for! Be sure to buy a copy of their album FINO + BLEED, in stores now!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Care Failure - Die Mannequin @ Mkey SIN Studios

Care Failure - Die Mannequin

Royal York Hotel
Photography by Mikey Sin - Mkey SIN Studios

Saturday, February 26, 2011

JunoFest with The Birthday Massacre and Arie

Die Mannequin will be playing at The Opera House with The Birthday Massacre and Ariel on March 25th as part of JunoFest.

Tickets are $17.50 for just this show or JunoFest wristbands are $30 for both 3/25 and 3/26. You can buy show tickets HERE and wristbands HERE.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

THe official die mannequin PreParTies

This is THe** official Pre-ParTy for myself and die mannequin.

The firsT is Tomrrow niGHT aT cherry cola's (wed.. feb. 9TH..). fllowed by Tursday feb. 10TH also aT cHerry's..).
everyone is inviTed of course.. and There is:

**no cover..
**cHeaP drinks..

** and music/dj alla me, care f.

we fiGured Two juno nominaTions.. so Two niGHts THis week.

more info below:

***yes ye yes.!. come join me.. (Tomorrow) wednesday.!!. and** Thursday niGHT.!!.
*** aT cHerry cola's rock n rolla cabareT & lounGe.
*** from 9:30 on.!!.

we are celebraTinG die mannequin's and myself's Two juno nominaTions as i dj The niGHT away for boTH niGHTs.!!.

so Tomorrow, wednesday february 9TH, as well as Thursday febuary 10TH aT cHerry cola's (rock n' rlla cabareT & lounGe..)..

so.. *if you cannoT make iT one niGHT.. jusT come The nexT.!!.
maaa band die mannequin Has been nominaTed for Two juno's.. weird enouGH.. so i THouGHT i would weirden uP The sTakes and dj Twice in a row for Two fun niGHts insTead of one.

come on ouT. for more Punk rock and rock and roll To some drunked dance sTePs afTer midniGHT aT THe mosT PerfecT Place i could THink of.. cHerry cola's.

iT varies.. buT for These niGHTs i wil be PlayinG everyTHinG from rock n roll, (d'uH..). Punk rock, fuck rock, dance rock .e.T..c you GeT The idea..) To...

some n.w.a. To .m.i.a.
meTallica To THe melvins..
THe suPremes To sonic youTH...
local bands To souTH african scene darlinGs...
THee kills To eaGles of deaTH meTal...
..jay Z To brown b.
neil younG To bob dylan..
dafT Punk To (nazi Punks fuck off..). The dead kennedys..
so There is someTHinG for everyone.. of course. because we all enjoy *Good music. and of course TakinG requesTs.!!.

i do noT Go ouT mucH..Those wHo know me besT.. so Take advanTaGe of These Two niGHTs.

no cover.***
cHeaP drinks.**

THis is The* official die mannequin Pre ParTy..!!.
Thank you.!!.
from The boTTom of my fever..
. .-.. .care .f..

( die mannequin.).



sHiT sHiT sHiT.!!. isuck sooo Hard.. i GoT my own Pre parTy days mixed uP/... eGG on my face.. i miGHT as well eaT worms.!!!. Here is my ooPs.! face...
Pre ParTies are noT Tomorrow.. i rePeaT., vuT are beinG Held nexT week.!. buT did you like The HyPe mucH.??. i did...
i Have cHanGed The deTails in The evenT.!.
a mass aPoloGy.!! To everyone.!!!.
so sorry.!!.
. .-.. .care.. .f.. .
(die manneuqin..).
(and Horrible screwer0uPper-of-daTes...)..

i Have obviously losT sense of daTe and Time beinG Held uP in sTudios... meH...
ooPs face.???.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Holidays from Care

Hey all.!. i wanT To send you all a HaPPy Holidays GreeTinG.. and esPecially a new year’s wisH ouT for all of you nice folk Here on facebook: i HoPe you all Have a GreaT new year, full of Good HealTH*, some Good wealTH THrown in THere.. also for you and your families… as well as a HaPPy and ProPerous …new year in wHaTever you do in life.. ThrouGH your arT.. career’s.. work.. friends and relaTionsHiPs.. love and family. may you turn your journey inTo The HaPiness and “Goal” you crave.. because in realiTy, lookinG back.. ThaT will be wHere your True HaPPiness always was…

from THe boTTom of my fever..
. .-.. .care .f.